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12077 09/05/1989 Welland Tribune Chamber Directors fear canals society in Peril Future of Welland Canals Society is in Jeopardy say board members of the grater Welland Chamber of Commerce
12078 14/06/1989 Welland Tribune Seaway Studying Alternative Berths St. Lawrence Seaway is apparently looking at two alternatives to local winter berthing in abandoned canal
12079 06/07/1989 Welland Tribune Two city committees endorse scenic route A Welland Canals Scenic route should be in place here by Aug. 1 linking Port Dalhousie and Port Colborne
12080 21/07/1989 Welland Tribune Canals Society still afloat Region has come to the aid of the Welland Canals Society by helping to bridge a finical gap
12081 07/06/1989 Welland Tribune New signs will direct visitors to the canal's scenic auto route City will pay $800 to have special signs erected pointing out a scenic auto route along the canal
12082 29/05/1989 Welland Tribune Group's "Canal Vision" slowly becoming reality Preview of the WCS report card released today by the internationally recognized management consultants illustrates viability of society's concept of canal development
12083 31/08/1989 Welland Tribune Broadside fired at canals society Port Colborne-Wainfleet chamber of commerce has launched an all out assault on WCS
12084 13/07/1989 Welland Tribune Welland Canals Society on the move in St. Kitts WCS has relocated to St. Catharines
12085 22/06/1990 Welland Tribune Bailout OK'd for Canals Society Region will bail out WCS, they agreed to give society quarterly installments on a $79, 000 regional grant
12086 12/04/1990 Welland Tribune Hold on funds canals society death blow? The "Death Nail" has been hammered into WCS coffin, the society's treasurer said.
12087 23/10/1989 Welland Tribune It's time to implement Now that guidelines for development of Welland Canal corridor are complete it's time to talk about implementation
12088 Summer 1982 Ont. Historical Society Bulletin Canadian Canal Society CCS held it's founding meeting on May 1 1982. About 35 canal buffs met at Dalhousie House
12089 23/06/1990 Welland Tribune Canals Society gets $79, 000 despite protest WCS will receive $79,000 from the region this year despite protests from Welland Coun. Ivt Riddell that the society is trying to do too much
12090 03/10/1987 Welland Tribune Historic building opens on Oct. 15 The WCS and Welland WCPA are sponsoring the opening of the old knifeworks building
12091 21/06/1991 Welland Tribune Return Charter, region says The WCS should return it's charter to the province regional council is not interested in keeping it alive for use by a future organization
12092 17/06/1988 Welland Tribune Canal Land Bidding Starts There is a strong possibility the "Central Reach" of the Welland Canal recreational Waterway in Welland could be sold for private development
12093 15/08/1983 Welland Tribune New President Elected by the Canal Society St. Catharines Historian and environmental studies teacher Colin Duquemin has been elected president of CCS
12094 30/11/1987 Welland Tribune Society names four directors Tom Higginbottom, Doug Trussell, Jack Berkhout, and Sandy White have been elected directors
12095 09/03/1987 Welland Tribune Changing dreams into reality Welland Canals have potential, but how do you reap the benefits?
12096 27/02/1987 Welland Tribune Canal Society grant request tabled for further discussion The recently formed WCS must be given time "to get it's act together" says regional chairman Wilbert Dick
12097 28/11/1986 Welland Tribune New Welland Canal Society to promote area's attractions This week marked the 157th anniversary of when the Welland Canal went into operation and last night the newly-formed Welland Canal Society came into being
12098 18/02/1989 Welland Tribune Canals Society Pursues Tourism Attraction goal WCS is aiming to complete at least one major tourist development in each of the communities along the Welland canals by year 2000
12099 09/03/1987 Welland Tribune New Canal Corridor a lure for tourists? "Some exiting things" are in store for the Welland Canal Corridor over the next 28 years says albarnes of the St. Catharines Chamber of Commerce
12100 14/06/1980 Welland Tribune Canals Society elects 3 area residents New Canadian Canals Society has 3 board members from Port Colborne
12101 03/09/1987 Welland Tribune $149,897 Grant for Tourism Federal Government has come through on a pledged grant of $149, 897 to the Niagara region to help fund a study of tourism development opportunities along canal corridor
12102 29/06/1989 Welland Tribune Empire building group should be denied funds The Welland Canals Society is becoming a "Mammoth the region can't control" says Ivy Riddell
12103 13/03/1991 Guardian Express End may be near for WCS The WCS may be in danger of becoming mothballed without stake holders and financial aid society may fold in June
12104 04/05/1990 Welland Tribune Canal Grant in Deep Water Ivy Riddell doesn't like the WCS branching out into areas that are not within it's mandate
12105 24/03/1986 Welland Tribune Don't buck private investment O'Dell President of urban land use firm agrees that private investment has a key role to play in development of projects such as the old Welland Canal lands
12106 09/10/1987 Welland Tribune Canals Society gets a headquarters WCS new headquarters along the old Welland Canal here will officially open Oct. 15 after many months of extensive renovations
12107 26/04/1988 Welland Tribune Focus on Welland Canal Day-Long Niagara Region symposium to hear proposals on the future development of Welland Canal lands will be held May 14
12108 31/12/1988 Welland Tribune Full Steam ahead for canals corridor Recently published development guide is only the beginning of the development of Welland Canals corridor from north to south east to west says Eric Bergenstein
12109 06/07/1987 Welland Tribune Grant " Big News" for Canal's Future A $765, 250 federal grant to the WCS should be the step that finally breaks the ice in push for large scale development of the Welland Canal say two WCS spokesman
12110 08/01/1987 Welland Tribune Canals society sails into some stormy waters Newly founded WCS is not getting the easy approval from region it might have expected
12111 25/05/1987 Welland Tribune Canal promotion a group effort Residents of regional Niagara will be invited to join the WCS as members and help develop the tremendous tourist potential of the canal corridor from Port Weller to Port Colborne.
12112 21/05/1987 Welland Tribune "Let's Reap Canal Corridor's Tourism Potential". Barnes The Welland Canal is an engineering feat duplicated nowhere in the world. It has great potential to be developed into a tourist attraction second to the falls.
12113 03/1994
Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 12 Iss. 1
12114 09/1994
Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 12 Iss. 2
12115 04/1996
Canals Canada Newsletter of Canadian Canal Society Vol. 14 Iss. 1
12116 10/1996 Welland Tribune Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 14 Iss. 2
12117 04/1997
Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 15 Iss. 1
12118 11/1997
Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 15 Iss. 2
12119 04/1998
Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 16 Iss.1
12120 11/1955
Canals Canada Newsletter of the Canadian Canal Society Vol. 13 Iss. 2
12121 10/1989
Welland Canals Society Newsletter Report
12122 27/06/1989
Welland Canals Society Newsletter Information Release
12123 Fall 1990
Welland Canals Society Newsletter Report
12124 07/1989
Welland Canals Society Newsletter Report
12125 05/1989
Welland Canals Society Newsletter Report