Aqueduct Clipping File
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Aqueduct An Engineering Marvel 1959 The Tribune Aqueduct An Engineering Marvel; City's Birthplace Important Industrial reasons for Aqueduct other than passageway across Welland River and founding of Welland; Welland Canal - Aqueduct. Syphon Culvert 25/10/1952 The Evening Tribune;Welland and Port Colborne Syphon Culvert At Welland Carries River Under Canal Series of weekly articles describing intriguing projects on the Canal on Aqueduct; Photo included; Welland Canal - Aqueduct.
1888 Aqueduct n.a. n.a. 1888 Aqueduct History of 1888 Aqueduct; estimate reconfiguration to repair to original state; Photo included; Welland Canal -Aqueduct. Local Landmark 08/11/1991 The Tribune Overdue Recognition For Local Landmark: Historical Society Plans A Plaque For Second Aqueduct Plans for installing historical plaque at Aqueduct of Second Welland Canal; Welland Canal - Aqueduct.
The Aqueduct where the Welland River is carried underneath n.a. The Tribune The Aqueduct; Where The Welland River Is Carried Underneath Aqueduct; where Welland River is carried underneath; Photo included. 1824 Craftsmanship 12/11/1984 The Tribune Swimming Pool Part Of History: Excavated West Wall Exposes Beauty of 1824 Craftsmanship Recognition of structure and importance of Second Aqueduct; Photo included; Welland Canal - Aqueduct.
Bridge Over Troubled Waters 07/19/1986 St. Catharines Standard Bridge Over Troubled Waters Problems facing engineers of 2nd Welland Canal when they reached Welland; Welland Canal - Aqueduct. Preserving Part of the Past 1986 The Tribune Preserving Part of The Past Unveiling of plaque marking significance for Welland Aqueduct by Welland Historical Society President George Foss; Photo included; Welland Canal -Aqueduct.
Welland Aqueduct (1929) 22/04/1969 The Welland Tribune 1929 Photo of Construction on Welland's Aqueduct Condition and structure of June 1929 Aqueduct; Photo included; Welland Canal - Aqueduct.