First Welland Canal Clipping File
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Thumbnails Date Source Headline Description
Feeder Canal to Grand River --/--/1958 The Tribune Feeder Canal From Grand River To Welland Opened Up Inland Country In 1826 it was decided to dam the Grand River at Dunnville;extend the canal from Port Beverly to Broad Creek and dig a feeder canal through the cranberry marsh in Wainfleet; First Welland Canal.
Many Tribulations Plagued Early Backers --/--/1958 The Tribune Many Tribulations Plagued Early Backers of Welland Canal Project Reasons; obstacles; and problems with building of the Welland Canal; First Welland Canal.
Report on Water Level --/--/1938 Welland Historical Society Paper Report By Hiram Tibbet Report on water level difference between Welland River and Welland Canal; First Welland Canal
First Steamer on First Canal 25/02/66 Welland History First Steamer on First Canal Fonthill couple discovers a copy of Canal Intelligencer dated May 14 1828; photo included; First Welland Canal.
Pioneer Days 02/01/1992 The Tribune Pioneer Days The beginning of the saga of The Welland Canal
Cholera Epidemic 18/01/92 The Tribune Construction of First Welland Canal Claimed Many Lives When Cholera Hit During the construction of the first Welland Canal a cholera epidemic broke out; 1832-33; First Welland Canal.