First Welland Canal Ship Clippings
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Linking the Great Lakes 11/27/1829 The Tribune Linking the Great Lakes Painted by J.D. Kelly for the Confederation Life Associations "Gallery of Canadian History", the work shows the Ann and Jane York and the R.B. Boughton of Youngstown opening the Welland Canal between Ontario and Erie November 27 1829
Third Welland Canal Ship Clippings
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How Long for the Small Laker --/07/1961 The Executive How Long For The Small Laker 3000 ton canallers are being replaced by 20000 ton upper lakers; photos included; Third Welland Canal  - Ships.
Fourth Welland Canal Ship Clippings
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Frieghter Spends Weekend Icebound 08/04/1996 The Tribune Freighter Spends Weekend Icebound The freighter Oakglen stuck in ice on Lake Huron near Pyette Point enroute to Thunder Bay:: Fourth Welland Canal
AWOL Laker 20/03/1996 Tribune AWOL laker bumps ship The Canadian Steamship Lines vessel; The Tarantau drifts off west wall of Canal striking Canadian Explore;Fourth Welland Canal(Ships)
High Winds Blamed 21/03/1996 Tribune High winds blamed for drifting ship The Canadian Steamship Lines vessel Tarantau breaks free of mornings striking other ships during high winds; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships
Bounty Sails Again --/11/1989 What's up Niagara Bounty sails again Replica of Bounty sails through Canal drawing big crowd ; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Firefighters Battle Blaze 28/09/1989 Tribune Firefighters battle blaze for 18 hours Port Colborne firefighters extinguish blaze aboard Canadian Steamship Lines vessel H.M. Griffith; photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Port Businesses Gear Up for Repairs 11/10/1989 Tribune Port businesses gear up to do repairs H.M. Grifith fire a disaster for Canada Steamship Lines, but means jobs and business for Marsh Engineering and Herb Fraser; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Griffith Fire Damage 29/09/1989 Tribune Fire damage to Griffith estimated at $1.5 million Canada Steamship Lines H. Hm. Griffith sustains $1.5 million damage putting ship out of commission at crucial shipping time
Vintage Ship Bought 13/10/1989 Tribune Vintage Ship bought by Local Interests Second World War ship Cornish docked in St. Catharines rumored purchases;Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Breaking the Ice 23/11/1987 Tribune Breaking the ice - Ships under construction The William Layton world's smallest icebreaker being built by Wartsila Arctic Inc to clear ice in upper Niagara River commissions by The New York State Power Authority ; photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Tough Times for Fleet 28/04/1988 Trib Tough times for fleet Canadian Great Lakes Shipping in danger of losing lake fleet: Photos incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
20000 Ton Beauty 12/02/1988 Tribune Young man gets possessive about his 20,000 ton beauty Mike Breutigam ship keeper of self-loader Algoway keeps watch will ship undergoes repairs; photo incl. Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
No Subs Here 26/08/71 Niagara Falls Review No Subs Here Submarine Chaser from the Canadian Armed Forces passes through lock 3 of Welland Canal; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
War Ship 27/06/87 The Tribune War ship in the Welland Canal US Navy destroyer William C; headed for Lake Erie via the Welland Canal for tour of American port; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Nonsuch 29/06/1971 Evening Tribune Nonsuch pays visit to Welland Replica of Keetch; Nonsuch; schedules stop in Welland Canal; Photo in; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Welland's Winterfleet 04/01/84 The Tribune Here it is Welland's Winterfleet Canadian Steamship line's vessel; Griffith Wintering at Welland Industrial Dock north of Townline Tunnel; Photo in; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Service Awards 23/03/1957 Tribune Twelve captains, engineers receive long service awards Colonial Steamships Ltd presented long service awards to captains and engineers; photo incl: Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
23 Years Service 14/04/82 The Tribune Twenty three years service through depression and war History of Hall corporation and It's 10 steel canal-sized freighters; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
First Transit of Canal 04/08/1981 Tribune First transit of canal in 1932 American self-unloader Sierra chartered to haul coal to companies in Toronto and Hamiltonmakes first transit of of the Canal on April 24, 1932; Photo inc;Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Steamer Georgian Bay 23/03/82 The Tribune Tanker to carrier during construction Steamer Georgian Bay originally designed as tanker for Imperial Oil and conversion to carrier; Photo included; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Fort Henry 09/10/87 The Tribune Canada Steamship Lines first modernized ship Package freighter Fort Henry is first modern Steamship line package freighter fleet; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
The Algoma Central Marine 18/09/1981 Tribune Algoway Renamed several times Oldest Canadian shipping firm The Algoma Central Marine history; Ships of the Canal by Al Sykes; photo incl.;Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Raise Freighter 17/12/82 The Tribune Raise Freighter Toronto; ship and repairs and supplies Ltd; awarded to complete salvage contract to raise sunken freighter Leadale near Thorold; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Steamer Collingwood Trib Many shipping freighters History of the Canada Steamship Lines and its services and especially the steamer Collingwood; photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Windoc 10/08/1981 Tribune - Port Colborne Windoc had several names History of Windoc steamer and accident under Bridge 20 in Port Colborne; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
The Portwell Story 24/07/81 The Tribune The Portwell Story Story of Portwell; a canaller from England and it's services to Welland steamship company; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Port Weller Drydocks 31/07/81 The Tribune Second ship to be built at Port Weller Drydocks History of John O:vickellar; built carrier; second of Scott Miscuer Steamships and Port Weller Drydocks; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Harry W McAdams 01/11/71 The Tribune Around the world sailors drop in at Port Colborne 147 foot two masted sailing vessel Harry W McAdams arrives in Port Colborne to start round trip journey; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Steamer Retired 08/08/1977 The Evening Tribune Steamer Retired-1970 History of the Steamer Ontadoc before retirement in 1970; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Newest Misener Ship 29/07/1976 Trib Newest Misener Ship Newest ship for Scott Misener Steamship Company is the motor vessel Ralph Misener; Photo inclu; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
The CoasT Guard cutter Griffon 13/05/1970 Trib Coast Guard cutter Griffon on maiden voyage The Coast Guard cutter Griffon makes maiden voyage from Port Colborne; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Hovercraft Docks 04/11/1972 Trib Hovercraft docks in Port Colborne overnight Welland Shop Canal hovercraft docks overnight in Port Colborne; dimensions included; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
The Winter Fleet 08/01/1982 Trib The winter fleet Canal's winter fleet consists of two ships moored at the Welland Dock; photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
An Unscathed Career 02/10/1981 Trib An unscathed career Remarkabel career of the Collingwood Shipyard's bulk carrier Coral Lake; includes dimensions; Photo inclu; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Steamers Divert Cargo 29/10/1981 Trib Steamers divert cargo as industries slump Ford Motor Company operating fleet of five lakers help declining industries by providing shipping sources; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
No Major Accidents Since Tragedy Struck 15/07/82 The Tribune No major accidents since tragedy struck No reported accidents since the Tol' doussac; a maximum self-underloader; prematurely launched itself and killed men; Photo inc., Well. Canal 4th (Ships).
Anniversary of Welland Canal 28/06/82 The Tribune Took part in anniversary of Welland Canal Opening The Redwing; a second World War; dimensions and history; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Unique Design 06/07/1982 Trib Its unique design was drastic change Unique design of the Canadian Century a seaway self unloader makes history throughout the years; dimensions includes; Photo incl; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Welland Canal Only Way To Go 23/09/73 Niagara Gazette The Welland Canal is the only way to go A description of a boat making its way through the Welland Canal via Lake Ontario; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
Shipping Information 01/06/96 The Tribune New number for ship information New phone number for St. Lawrence Seaway's automated vessel lovation information for residents of Pt. Colb; Wainfleet; and Welland; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Fednav Ltd. 03/06/96 The Tribune Fednav ltd; unveils new ship designed for Seaway MV federal St;Laureut one of six new ships being built for Fednav Limited; of Montreal; Quebec; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Navy Ship to Visit Port 15/06/96 The Tribune Navy ship to visit Port Rare Canadian navy ship; the HMC's Cormorant; scheduled to visit Port. Colborne on June 21; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Shipl Freed 07/10/97 The Tribune Ship freed after getting stuck Norwegian vessel ; spar odal; backed up ship traffic when it got stuck on west bank of the Welland Canal; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
MS Columbus 11/10/97 The Tribune Columbus helps german tourists discover Port Tour of lake Erie by the German cruise ship MS Columbus; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
MS Columbus 22/09/96 The Tribune Cruise ship passes through Welland Canal Maiden Voyage of MS Columbus; a cruiseship; passes through Welland Canal; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Two Vessels Collide The Tribune Two vessels colide in Canal at Port Robinson Collision between the Upper Laker Royalton and Canaller William C. Warren causes delay in ship canal; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
The Macon 30/06/1959 The Tribune Midnight Tryst with the Macon VS Heavey Cruiser; the Macon is viewed by Welland at Midnight in Welland Canal; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Ship).
S.S. Milverton n.d. not listed The salvage operation on the steamship Milverton Another Welland County first as the salvage operation of the S.S. Milverton is salvaged in summer of 1944 and recommissioned as the S.S. Clary Foran; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships)
JM McWatters 26/06/61 The Tribune J.M. McWatters makes inaugural trip up Welland Canal after launching next week. A picture of JM McWatters on Welland Canal after launching; Fourth Welland Cana (IShips).
Welland Canal Region Niagara Tourist Council The Welland Canal Points of interest; and facts about the Welland Canal; Map inc; Fourth Welland Canal (lShips).
Chaos on the Canal 13/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Chaos on the canal Firefighters pour water on the smoldering carrier Windoc in the Welland Canal.
Back in Business 14/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Welland Canal back in business The Allanburg Bridge is locked upright, letting 25 waiting ships to pass through.
Seaway Paralyzed 13/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Seaway paralyzed after lift-bridge strikes ship Seaway closed after collision.   Officials hopeful canal could reopen that night.
Windoc 14/08/2001 Welland Tribune Windoc not beyond repair The Windoc is being repaired on the spot.
Crunched Ship 13/08/2001 Welland Tribune Crunched ship draws crowds Curiosity lookers come to Allanburg to see ship and damaged bridge