Third Welland Canal Clippings
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Thumbnails Date Source Headline Description
Department of Railways and Canals --/--/1912 The Tribune Department of Railways and Canals Third Canal Statistics; Third Welland Canal.
Fifty Million Dollar Job 11/--/1914 McLeans Magazine A Fifty Million Dollar Job Story of building of the new Welland Canal; photo included; Third Welland Canal.
Welland Ship Canal 01/01/-- McLeans Magazine The Welland Ship Canal One of the greatest triumphs of modern engineering; in some respects it surpasses anything of the kind ever built by man; photo included; Third Welland Canal.
Water Routes from the Great Northwest --/08/1881 Harpers New Monthly Magazine Water Routes From the Great Northwest Origin and development of the Erie Canal and St. Lawrence system of Canals; Third Welland Canal.
Abandoned Tunnel 03/02/1971 Niagara Falls Review Abandoned Tunnel A Legacy Of The Stone Masons Art Century old railway tunnel under Third Welland Canal; .Third Welland Canal.
Liquid Aluminum 31/05/1972 Evening Tribune Aluminum Being Put In Demonstration Area Abandoned Third Canal; northwest of Allanburg; being treated by Liquid Aluminum; photo included; Third Welland Canal.
Lock 24 18/4/1970 Niagara Falls Evening Review Bid To Blow Up Lock Protest Against Canada April 21 1900; attempt was made to blow up Lock 24 at Thorold; which might have caused flood; Third Welland Canal..