Allanburg Bridge Collision Clippings (2001)
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14/08/2001 Welland Tribune Salvage Work Begins The Welland Canal by the Allanburg Bridge is cleaned up after the collision.

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13/08/2001 Welland Tribune Crunched ship draws crowds Curiosity lookers come to Allanburg to see ship and damaged bridge

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15/08/2001 Welland Tribune Bridge may be closed for half a year Allanburg Bridge could be closed for a year warn experts after the collision

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14/08/2001 Welland Tribune Shipping resumes The Welland Canal is reopened and shipping resumes after the Allanburg bridge collision.

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14/08/2001 Welland Tribune Divers survey breached hull Divers look at the damaged hull of the Windoc, after it hits the Allanburg Bridge

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14/08/2001 Welland Tribune Windoc not beyond repair The Windoc is being repaired on the spot.

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14/08/2001 Welland Tribune Port Robinson recalls collision that took out its bridge Residents of Port Robinson reflect on the accident that destroyed their bridge almost 30 years before.

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14/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Welland Canal back in business The Allanburg Bridge is locked upright, letting 25 waiting ships to pass through.

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14/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Seaway corp. studying technology to operate bridges by remote-control Seaway Corp. studies collision and evaluates the use of remote-control bridge operation

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13/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Chaos on the canal Firefighters pour water on the smoldering carrier Windoc in the Welland Canal.

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13/08/2001 St. Catharines Standard Seaway paralyzed after lift-bridge strikes ship Seaway closed after collision.   Officials hopeful canal could reopen that night.