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11000 29/04/1972 Variety of structures erected in connection with canal relocation Pictures of new aqueduct near Port Robinson hydro towers, and overpass carries rerouted Main St. over railroad tracks, Welland Canal - Bypass Aigle Marin First Ship 18/05/1973 Aigle Marin first ship The first ship to use the Welland city dock will be the Aigle Marin, Welland Canal - Bypass
Canal Bypass 24/02/1966 Pietz sees canal Bypass bringing area prosperity Mayor Allan Pietz's speech dealing with the proposed relocation of canal, Welland Canal - Bypass M.V. Aigle Marin 22/05/1973 First ship into Welland Dock, M.V. Aigle Marin, Reached city Sunday Picture of Ship reaching dock, Welland Canal - Bypass
11002 20/05/1966 Gov't agrees to canal Bypass Plans are afoot for a new canal system linking Lake Ontario with Lake Erie, Welland Canal - Bypass Wants Abandoned Canal Established as Park 14/08/1980 Wants abandoned canal established as park Thorold City council wants the federal government to designate and develop the flight locks area as national heritage park, Welland Canal - Bypass
11003 05/21/1966 2000 Acres east of present canal marked for project Transport minister J.W. Pickergill confirmed in Ottawa yesterday afternoon that plans are under consideration for construction of a superlock canal route between Thorold and Lake Ontario, Welland Canal - Bypass Pt. Robinson Ferry Runs Again 04/05/1981 Port Robinson Ferry Runs Again The Break up of ice on Welland canal meant for the first time in months people could get to the other side of town without driving miles, Welland Canal - Bypass
11004 20/05/1966 Four "Super Locks" likely New route for canal being planned, channel would be built east of present canal, Welland Canal - Bypass 11053 30/07/1977 Two examples of boating activity are evident Picture of recreational water way, Welland Canal - Bypass
11005 24/05/1966 Seaway authority lays claim to nearly 2,000 Acres Pictures indicating Approx. center of Proposed new channel, Welland Canal - Bypass 11054 1967-1972 Approves 3 land Causeway Alternative Division St. crossing recommendations backed by regional works, Welland Canal - Bypass
Mr. Merritt's Canal Caper 24/05/1966 Fortunately, Mr. Merritt's canal caper survived the skeptics Meeting in Shipman's Hotel March 23, 1823. Welland Canal - Bypass 11055 30/06/1981 Both bikes and VW's take to the trails With summer here people have again taken to the trails along the Dykes of the abandoned Welland Canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
Canal Program 25/05/1966 Canal Program opens exciting new vistas New vistas have suddenly been opened up for Welland in the wake of last week's declaration of Ottawa's decision to go ahead with the canal's diversion project, Welland Canal - Bypass Modernize Welland Canal 17/05/1975 Region will continue to press seaway on plans to modernize Welland Canal Efforts to have Niagara regional council abandon it's plans to ask St. Lawrence Seaway Authority to proceed with plans to improve canal fizzled out, Welland Canal - Bypass
11008a 10/06/1967 11,000,000 Project underway Canal relocation job gets carnival kickoff, Welland Canal - Bypass New Tourist Venture 1967-72 New tourist venture proposed for canal Last minute proposal being presented to city council and the federal department of public works may bring a unique water-skiing installation here in time for summer, Welland Canal - Bypass
11008b 24/08/1966 Twenty homes now boarded up Homes purchased and secured by the St. Lawrence Seaway have been abandoned in order to provide a path for the Welland Canal Bypass. Old Weland Canal Disposal 04/10/1972 Meeting set next week on Old Welland Canal disposal City meets with St. Lawrence Seaway Authority task force, Welland Canal - Bypass
Canal Bypass 12/11/1966 Canal Bypass job starts nest year. Work on a new channel of the Welland Canal to Bypass the city of Welland will be started early next year.Welland Canal - Bypass 11059 11/04/1973 Flooding of canal Bypass begins as tap turned at northern section $188, 000, 000 job of turning a 8.5 mile hole in the ground into a shipping lane came a step closer, Welland Canal - Bypass
Cook's Mills 22/10/1966 See Cook's Mills area as site to move homes Good real estate being boarded up along Port Robinson Rd. and East Main St. is a crying shame.Welland Canal - Bypass Old Canal Desicions 28/09/1974 old canal decisions in April will follow full scale study Study on the abandoned canal was accepted during a meeting regarding aspects of its development, Welland Canal - Bypass
11011 19/05/1967 Mayor sees canal Bypass sod-turning early in June Mayor Allan Pietz announces sod turning to the Welland-Port Colborne Life Underwriters Association, Welland Canal - Bypass Water Ski Association 1967-72 Water-ski association won't be a sole user No one excluded from canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
Canal Bypass 01/06/1967 Canal Bypass ceremony real special occasion The sinking of the first shovel into the earth of the new 8.3 mile channel planned for June 9 at Welland Junction, Welland Canal - Bypass Review Committee meeting closed 23/09/1978 Review Committee meeting closed New canal crossings may require full span, Welland Canal - Bypass
Impressive Ceremony to Start Canal Job 05/06/1967 Impressive ceremony to start canal job With Hon. J.W. Pickersgill, federal minister of transport officiating, the start of new section of canal will be ceremoniously conducted tomorrow, Welland Canal - Bypass Another Committee Studies Canal Plans 11/05/1981 Another committee studies canal plans Welland Canal study group comes up with possible uses of Old Welland Canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
11014 10/06/1967 Air of celebration at canal ceremony When the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority decided to celebrate the start of the eight mile channel of the city of Welland, it proceeded in style, Welland Canal - Bypass Another Canal Study 11/05/1981 Another canal study 8 to 10 studies have been done relating to the now abandoned portion of the canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
11015 10/06/1967 Hurry canal diversion digging starts Welland Relocation fully justified, says minister of transport, Welland Canal - Bypass Chamber Envisions Canal as Tool in Revitalization 06/05/1975 Chamber envisions canal as tool in revitalization Turning the abandoned canal into an express way bed for the proposed highway 406 extension would be a slap in the face to the city's heritage, Welland Canal - Bypass
11016 17/07/1967 Year's delay in canal project Tunnel tender error hits seaway schedule, Welland Canal - Bypass Assure Constant Fresh Water Flow 1967-72 Assure constant fresh water flow in abandoned Welland Canal section Minutes of meeting in Port Colborne city council met with a task force on the decommissioning of the Old Welland Canal were released at regular council meeting, Welland Canal - Bypass
Second Excavation Award 22/08/1967 Second excavation award $4, 658, 959 contract let for canal Bypass Weston firm to start digging within a week in Port Robinson area. Old Canal's Disposition Under Study 01/11/1974 Old canal's disposition under study A comprehensive study program on the future use of the canal has been authorized by the 4 level task force on the canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
$5 Million Bypass Contract Awarded 18/05/1968 $5 Million. Bypass contract awarded The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority has awarded an excavation contract to C.A. Pitts construction and Drake construction Co. Ltd., Welland Canal - Bypass 11068 1967-72 A change of heart Committee approves water ski program, Welland Canal - Bypass
A Bid For World Markets 07/08/1968 A bid for world markets Russian construction machinery at work on Welland Canal Project. Welland Canal - Bypass 11069 1967-72 Division St. canal crossing proposal threatened Division street government department has reservations about Division St. causeway because of environmental reason, Welland Canal - Bypass
$6.4 Million Contract 26/11/1968 $6.4 Million contract for canal syphon job The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority has awarded a $6, 410, 375 contract for construction of a concrete syphon culvert, Welland Canal - Bypass 11070 02/07/1981 Exciting future seen for canal Welland Canal advisory group will play key role in helping future development of Old Welland Canal in the next several months, Welland Canal - Bypass
11021 10/06/1964 Site of river relocation near Port Robinson Pictures of the new channel well underway, Welland Canal - Bypass Water Ski Championships 18/11/1978 Welland bids for water ski championships on old canal Three Welland Chamber of Commerce members are in Banff, Alta. In bid to lure the Canadian water ski championships to the rose city, Welland Canal - Bypass
11022 20/02/1970 $400,000 Winter works program Massive excavation along canal near Lock 3, Welland Canal - Bypass 11072 1967-72 old canal busy weekend attraction Contrasting methods of water transportation could be seen on Old Welland Canal from shores of Dane city, Welland Canal - Bypass
11023 27/0/1971 Main canal power line span $2.2 million job. Work is proceeding rapidly on the 2.2 million contract for the power line crossings of the new canal at the end of Lincoln St., Welland Canal - Bypass Going to the Market 1967-72 Going to the Market Women strolling along Old Welland Canal on her way to the market, Welland Canal - Bypass
Most Road Relocations for Canal well advanced 09/08/1971 Most road relocations for canal well advanced Nearly all of the road construction projects connected with the new channel are now underway, Welland Canal - Bypass 11074 31/12/1968 1,000 Days to go! Excavation on Bypass site, equipment worth nearly $1 million, Welland Canal - Bypass
11025 06/12/1965 Canal to run east of city? Transport minister J.W. Pickersgill announced bypass Is being considered to divert implications to Welland traffic, Welland Canal - Bypass 11075 31/12/1968 Models show how city's two canal tunnels will appear in 1972 Pictures of the model tunnel which will carry East Main St. under new canal bypass, Welland Canal - Bypass
Welland Canal Bypass Three blasts and Welland Canal Bypass digging begins Hon. Judy LaMarsh, and wife blow whistle to signify the start of excavation, Welland Canal - Bypass Pietz Urges Schools 24/01/1973 Pietz urges schools get out for canal opening Possibility of students being allowed out of school to observe the opening of the new canal was raised by Mayor, Welland Canal - Bypass
11027 13/08/1978 The new Welland Canal Bypass souvenir edition 12 Page Tribute of official opening of Welland Canal Bypass First Ship for New Channel 10/03/1973 First ship For new channel Scott Misener loaded with grain has the honor of being the first ship through the new channel, Welland Canal - Bypass
11028 16/08/1973 An air of pageantry surrounded official opening of Welland Canal Bypass Articles commemorating the opening of the Bypass, Welland Canal - Bypass Canal Lands Still Available for Recreation 01/05/1975 Canal lands still available for all recreation purposes Abandoned canal lands will be available to the public for recreation purposes, Welland Canal - Bypass
11029 28/03/1973 Seaway president on first ship through Bypass Width of channel straightness impresses Camu, Welland Canal - Bypass 11079 26/03/1973 Modest but noisy welcome planned Captain, crew proud to be on first ship through new canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
11030 40 Lands represented Welland Canal Bypass is dedicated, Welland Canal - Bypass 11080 27/03/1973 More than 8,000 trees to be planted along channel A major tree planting project along parts of the new canal will begin in three weeks, Welland Canal - Bypass
11031 28/03/1973 Seaway opens earliest ever Mild weather earlier this month eliminated all ice in eastern section enabling seaway to open early, Welland Canal - Bypass Union Carbide 05/04/1973 Union Carbide shipment sometime around April 25 New Dock on bypass due to be used soon, Welland Canal - Bypass
11032 29/03/1973 Where new Channel starts and ends Bridges down as first ship in new canal, Welland Canal - Bypass Straight Ahead Next Year 07/09/1972 It will be straight ahead next year Pictures of boat using Old Welland Canal as new one is being built, Welland Canal - Bypass
11033 16/07/1973 Ceremony at new channel Seaway's skeptics knocked by Munro, Welland Canal - Bypass 11083 26/01/1973 Canal-River crossing construction north of city Work is moving ahead rapidly on the causeway-bridge structure to carry the CNR line across Old Welland Canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
Bulk Carrier Meaford 30/03/1974 Bulk carrier Meaford first to pass through Welland in canal over tunnel With no bridges to worry about Wellanders probably failed to realize that yesterday marked the opening of the shipping season, Welland Canal - Bypass 11084 27/10/1972 Seaway generates it's own power Canal will look like Canada's longest runway, Welland Canal - Bypass
Past Leads to the Future 20/10/1983 The past leads to the future Hundreds of spectators gather at the foot of Lincoln St. to watch the first ship come down the new canal, Welland Canal - Bypass 11085 26/01/1973 Martindale Pond? Twelve Mile Creek and Martindale pond have everything but water, Welland Canal - Bypass
11036 04/07/1977 Welland Canal Bypass four years old but real party was in 1967 The Welland Canal Bypass officially opened four years ago this month but the celebrations had really begun 6 years earlier, Welland Canal - Bypass Ice Breaker Carries Seaway 27/03/1973 Icebreaker carries Seaway, civic officials through new channel Another chapter in the history of the Welland Ship Canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
11037 28/03/1973 Welland welcomes first ship Crowd gives freighter noisy, happy greeting, Welland Canal - Bypass 11087 29/03/1973 Welland Welcomes first freighter in the new channel Pictures of T.N. Morrison, and crowd of people which showed up to watch the Senneville make her way through the new channel, Welland Canal - Bypass
11038 21/07/1973 Everyone was there, except for the minister of transport Official opening of the Welland Canal Bypass attracted spectators and the Minister of Transport Pickersgill whom initiated it six years ago, the present Minister was away in Vancouver, Welland Canal - Bypass New Welland Canal Bypass 15/03/1973 New Welland Canal Bypass will replace hazards of the old section Use of new 350 foot wide Bypass eases some strain on captains taking their ships through the 28 mile Welland Canal, Welland Canal - Bypass
Canal and Tunnel Construction 30/04/1971 Canal and tunnel construction dominate area landscape Photos of Port Robinson and Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Welland Canal - Bypass 11089 29/08/1972 Water begins to flow into Welland Bypass Water began to flow into new channel of the Welland Canal section of the St. Lawrence Seaway Monday at 8 a.m., Welland Canal - Bypass
Ships that Pass in the Night 04/08/1973 Ships that pass in the night Picture of Parker Evans (Northbound) and the Richelieu, Welland Canal - Bypass Welland Canal Bypass 15/03/1973 Welland Canal Bypass will cut transit time and raise capacity After 6 years of work costing $188 million the new 8.3-mile Bypass section of the canal will start carrying ships April 2 1973, Welland Canal - Bypass
11041 30/04/1971 Road, Rail Relocations Too Canal project on target for spring '73 completion, Welland Canal - Bypass Still a Year from Completion 09/02/1972 Still a year away from completion Arial photo showing bypass which will eventually link existing canal at Port Robinson, Welland Canal - Bypass
Program Shelved 16/05/1981 Program Shelved $200-million experimental canal shunter program shelved in favor of more conventional methods, Welland Canal - Bypass Port Robinson 07/09/1972 Where the new channel joins the old at Port Robinson Flooding of the new canal section at the Port Robinson was stopped to allow dikes to be trimmed more, Welland Canal - Bypass
11043 12/05/1973 The new Welland-A maritime expressway The new Bypass Prevent Pt. Robinson Isolation 01/05/1968 Reveal plans to prevent Port Robinson "Isolation" The Aqueduct to be built at Port Robinson where the Welland River will cross new canal channel, will also serve as bridge, Welland Canal - Bypass
11044 07/14/1973 It's official-The new canal is open The new 8.3 mile section of the Welland Canal linking Port Robinson to Ramsy's Bend Seaway Excavation 20/02/1968 Seaway excavation arousing Port Robinson Resident's Ire Community of Port Robinson protests, Welland Canal - Bypass
Dock has Great Potential 11/12/1973 Dock has great potential power line will help The dock leased by the city from the St. Lawrence seaway authority on the Welland Canal Bypass has considerable potential, Welland Canal - Bypass Port Robinson Bridge 02/03/1968 Port Robinson Bridge Seaway construction won't isolate residents as badly as they feared, Welland Canal - Bypass
40 Year Lease on New Dock 06/07/1973 40-year lease on new dock 40-year lease agreement between city and St. Lawrence Seaway authority for dockage on the new canal was announced, Welland Canal - Bypass Plaque Presented 22/05/1973 Plaque presented to first ship using new dock Mayor Allen Pietz presents plaque to captain Micheal Tachereau to commemorate the first vessel M.V. Aigle Marin of Quebec to utilize the Welland Dock, Welland Canal - Bypass