Welland Canal Locks Clippings
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Thumbnails Date Source Headline Description
The Old and New Canal Locks 1958 n.a. The old and the new canal Locks Photos of new and old structure for canal;Welland Canal (Locks).
Locking Operation Gigantic 13/07/66 The Tribune Locking operation gigantic but simple Locking operation for Locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway; Diagram inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Canal to Re-Open 22/06/59 n.a. Canal to re-open tonight 30 hour delay happen when Lock gate is still broken; Photo inc;Welland Canal (Locks).
Federal Budget Cutbacks 03/05/66 The Tribune Federal Budget cutbacks delay Lock 8 stand Construction of viewing stand at Lock 8 delayed because of cut back in non essential spending; Welland Canal (Locks).
Stand on Lockage Fees 25/05/83 Port Colborne news Stand on Lockage fees Local chamber of commerce voices support of official opposition of new Lockage fees; Welland Canal (Locks).
Facelift Will Extend Canal Life 04/01/89 The Tribune Facelift will extend canals life by 40 years The federal government will spend total of $175 million over next years to stabilize the Welland Canal;Photo Inc;Welland Canal (Locks).
Lockage Fees 25/04/83 The Tribune Region opposes rise in canal Lockage fees Regional council voices opposition towards proposed additional Lockage fees for ships passing through Welland Canal; Fourth Welland Canal (Locks).
Freak Accident at Lock 8 06/07/81 The Tribune Freak accident at Lock 8 730 foot laker; lake Nipigon, receives damage when Lock 8 crashes on the up bound vessel; Photo Inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Locks).
Bridge/Lock Repairs 20/01/68 St Catharines Standard Bridge, Canal Lock Repairs must be Completed by April $740,000 job to restore worn out walls of three Welland Canal Locks must be completed before opening of navigation season; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Death for Niagara Shipping 24/10/83 The Tribune Death for Niagara's Shipping Politician's say increasing Welland Canal Lockage fees will kill Niagara shipping industry; Welland Canal (Locks).
Winter Tune-Up 08/01/83 The Tribune Winter Tune-up Repair Lock 8 in Pt Colborne begins with drainage of water; duration of work; Photo inc; Fourth Welland Canal (Locks).
Tie-up Wall Collapses 24/02/88 The Tribune Tie-up wall collapses Repairs to tie-up wall between Locks one and two on Welland Canal should be completed by next shipping season; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Thorold Council 20/02/88 The Tribune Thorold council urged to buy up old Locksite Proposal to preserve a Lock from the second Welland Canal in Pt Robinson; Heritage group asks Thorold city council to buy site; Welland Canal (Locks).
History Revisted 05/06/87 The Tribune History Revisited Workers complete excavation of Lock 24 on first Welland Canal, Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Canal Cities Would Suffer if Fees Hiked 02/09/83 The Tribune Canal's Cities would suffer if fees hiked Local groups advocating number increases on Lockage fees pressure government; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Toll Fees 17/12/83 The Trib Toll fees sink shipping line Operations cease Quebec and Ontario transportation because of increased Lockage fees; Welland Canal (Locks).
Lock Repair Work 30/04/83 The Tribune Feds spend $6 million on Lock repair work Federal government will sped $6 million on repairs to structures in five Locks on the canal; Welland Canal (Locks).
Lock Fees Hurt 19/04/83 The Tribune Lock fees hurt Federal government policy of St Lawrence Seaway Lockage fees is hunting great lakes region and small boats switching to land transportation; Welland Canal (Locks).
Smooth Sailing 09/04/83 The Tribune Smooth Sailing Bridge at Lock 8 being lowered and raised on control tower; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Extending Lock 7 Wall 06/12/82 The Tribune Extending Lock 7 wall $3 million contract awarded to extend downbound approach to wall above Lock 8 in Canal; Welland Canal (Locks).
13020 06/01/83 The Tribune Now you see it; and now; you don't Blasting of obsolete flood control gate above Lock 7 underway by Alnor Earthmoving Limited crew, Photo's inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Niagara's History 27/04/87 The Tribune Uncovering a piece of Niagara's history Welland Canals Conservation Authority conducts dig on wooden Lock of first canal; Welland Canal (Locks).
Poised for Winter Canal Assault 26/10/88 The Tribune Small army of workers poised for winter canal assault St Lawrence seaway Authority spends $25 million to rehabilitate Welland Canal; Welland Canal (Locks).
Lock 3 11/02/94 The Tribune Lock 3 worth a winter's viewing Tourists visit Welland canal viewing complex in St Catharines Lock 3 to see canal waterway ; Welland Canal (Locks).
What a Blast! 10/01/89 The Tribune What a blast! Demolition team blasts section of Lock 5 for reconstruction; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Rehab Work 30/12/88 Rehab work set for canal Refurbishing project for Welland Canal is ready with 8 contracts for representing work; Welland Canal (Locks).
Flight Locks 03/01/89 The Tribune Canal's mid-life re-fit' starts blasting set at flight Locks Winter construction on work along Welland Canal has begun and is expected to last 3 months; Welland Canal (Locks).
Unlocking Secrets 04/06/1987 The Tribune UnLocking the secrets of the canal Excavation of the Lock 8 completed and sheds light on construction of first canal; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
13028 19/06/72 The St. Cath Standard Sunny Sunday along the Canal Photos of Sunday along Welland Canal along Lock 3; Welland Canal (Locks).
Getting Ship-Shape 29/03/83 The Tribune Getting ship-shape Work crews from the St Lawrence Seaway finish up minor maintenance jobs along the Canal; Photo Inc: Welland Canal (Locks).
Old Swimming Hole 00/11/81 Alive and well Treachery at the old swimming hole Boy by Lock 6 breaks back in fall in current and possible reasons why; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
13031 27/09/88 The Tribune Old canal Locks raised from grave Traces of five canals found when digging ditch in Welland Canal Lock 24; Photo in; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Never Again Campbell 01/11/85 The Tribune Never again Campbell Massive Lockage of ships on account of concrete wedge blowing out part of Lock won't happen again; officials say;Photo in; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
13033 19/10/845 The Evening Tribune Navigation Season will be extended Navigation season extended because of back log from buckled Canal wall; Fourth Welland Canal (Locks).
Open Nov.6? 25/10/85 Welland-Pt. Colborne, Ontario Open Nov.6? St Lawrence Seaway Authority expects repair work on Lock in Thorold will take two weeks; Photo in; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Collapse of Canal Wall 15/10/85 Welland-Pt Colborne Ontario Collapse of canal wall halts seaway shipping Grain freighter Furia temporarily trapped in Welland Canal after a concrete wall collapses into a Lock;Photo in; Fourth Welland Canal (Ships).
Lock 6 Disaster 00/05/86 What's up Niagara The Lock 6 Disaster Worst accident at Welland canal reported to be on Lock 6 at Thorold when a crane fell into a Lock chamber; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Canal Maintenance 14/17/82 The Tribune Reviewing canal maintenance Two engineering firms are reviewing inspection on maintenance programs for repair of collapsed Welland Canal Wall; Fourth Welland Canal (Locks).
Shipping Torpedoed 16/10/85 The Tribune Shipping torpedoed Wall collapse of Lock 7 near Thorold has shipping company officials figuring out how to ease problems; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Lock Repairs 18/10/1985 The Tribune Ships at standstill; Lock repairs begin Contractors start repairing Lock wall at Welland Canal and questions left unanswered; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Canal Finally Open 07/11/85 The Tribune Canal finally open Seaway officials push opening time back to early hours of morning for Lock 7 of Welland canal; Welland Canal (Locks).
Far Reaching Reprecussions 18/10/1985 The Tribune Far reaching repercussions Repercussions from Lock collapse in Welland Canal are reaching world wide; Welland Canal (Locks).
Repair Crews 21/10/85 The Tribune Repair crews brace damaged Canal wall Bracing of Lock 7 walls makes it unable to say when shipping resumes through canal; Welland Canal (Locks).
Lock Walls Braced 23/10/85 The Tribune Lock walls are braced Braces are placed at Lock 7 of Welland ship canal in Thorold to prevent further collapses; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Shipping Concerns 25/10/85 The Tribune O'Niell's news a relief for shipping concerns Shipping companies should expect to move ships by November 6; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
Canal Repairs 22/10/85 The Tribune Canal repairs move quickly Preliminary repairs on St. Lawrence Seaway Lock progressed faster than expected and re-opening still possible;; Welland Canal (Locks).
Ships to Move Wednesday 04/11/85 The Tribune Ships to move Wednesday Seaway to re-open on November 6 as planned with damaged Lock wall repairs; Welland Canal (Locks).
13048 05/11/85 The Tribune Stalled ships get set to weigh anchor Damaged Lock repair finishes and should re-open by Wednesday; ; Welland Canal (Locks).
13049 17/10/85 The Tribune No word on Canal Reopening Lock 7 accident puts back reopening date of pressure to complete the job builds; Welland Canal (Locks).
Waiting for Entry 05/11/85 The Tribune More than 50 ships in Lake Erie waiting for entry to Welland Canal The 51 backed up ships at Lake Erie will be rushed out of Lake Erie as soon as possible; Welland Canal (Locks).
Canal Opens 06/11/85 The Tribune Canal opens today Official reopening of Welland Canal still on despite weather condition and backlog; Welland Canal (Locks).
A Week to Clear Backlog 07/11/88 The Tribune A week to clear backlog Damaged Lock on Welland Canal refilled but canal is still 3 weeks behind schedule and will take a week to clear; Photo inc;; Welland Canal (Locks).
Martime Unions 19/10/85 The Tribune Maritime unions may sue seaway New Democratic MP lain Augus not sure who to blame for economical shut down at St Lawrence Seaway; Photo inc; Welland Canal (Locks).
13054 30/01/76 The Tribune Port Colborne Special Special edition of the Tribune on Business and Industrial reviews; forecasts for city featured; Welland Canal (Locks).
Principal Features 08/06/55 Department of Transportation Principal Features Dimensions and features of Locks 1 to 7 and areas in between; Welland Canal (Locks).