Recreational Waterway & Canal Lands Development
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17/08/2001 Welland Tribune Legacy of unfilled opportunity - Part One of a Six Part Series Story on the closing of the old canal through the city of Welland and how expectations over 30 years ago never materialized.

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17/01/2001 Welland Tribune Little to show after all these years A look at what has not happened in the city of Welland regarding development along the old canal.
Edtn31.jpg (21261 bytes) 17/08/2001 Welland Tribune End of the Line The impact of the Canal By-Pass on the city of Welland.  Includes both economic and social aspects of having the canal run through the city of Welland and what happened after the By-Pass was opened.
Edtn19.jpg (19754 bytes) 17/08/2001 Welland Tribune Marking the end of an era Interview with Bill Lewis regarding the closing of the old canal and the celebration that took place in the city.
Edtn32.jpg (26920 bytes) 17/08/2001 Welland Tribune The Value of Parks An old Welland Telegraph article from 1909 dealing with the need for park space in Welland.  It is still an issue almost 100 years later.

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18/08/2001 Welland Tribune Making Waves: Reflecting on the past - Part Two of a Six Part Series Reflections on  Welland   before 1972 and the closing of the old canal.
Edth17.jpg (15800 bytes) 18/08/2001 Welland Tribune Missed Opportunity - Analyzing the plan that didn't get the chance to float A look at the original city development plan after the canal closed and reasons why the plan failed.
Edth15.jpg (25299 bytes) 18/08/2001 Welland Tribune Sitting on a treasure Potential of the canal and Canal Lands for the City of Welland to draw tourists to the area.
Edth16.jpg (23770 bytes) 18/08/2001 Welland Tribune The Sleeping Giant Interview with Joe Spadafora on how the Canal Lands could play a major role in the development of Welland and the region.

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20/08/2001 Welland Tribune Changing landscapes - A city divided by shipping soon became united in apathy - Part Three of a Six Part Series Story on how Welland and its residents cared little about the development of Canal Lands.
Edtn30.jpg (23326 bytes) 20/08/2001 Welland Tribune Canal lands an 'unparalleled asset' Another story on the potential of the Canal Lands.  Discusses possible funding issues.
Edtn23.jpg (19952 bytes) 20/08/2001 Welland Tribune The Aqueduct - Are we the proud owners of a $1 billion white elephant? Questions concerning how sturdy the Aqueduct is.  With the structure being 70 years old a mishap could spell disaster for the City of Welland and cost over a billion dollars to fix.
Edtn6.jpg (16019 bytes) 21/08/2001 Welland Tribune Canal decisions: The buck (didn't) stop here Part Four of a Six Part Series Looks at how Welland never received the funding it wanted and needed, while other communities received loads of funding for projects.
Edtn10.jpg (19827 bytes) 21/08/2001 Welland Tribune Choices, choices - Local officials are faced with wide-ranging decisions Local city leaders discuss the possibilities of future development for the Canal Lands.
Edth13.jpg (19777 bytes) 21/08/2001 Welland Tribune No continuity in leadership took its toll. Change of leadership in Welland and continual change in ideas hampered the development of the Canal Lands.
Edth12.jpg (17345 bytes) 21/08/2001 Welland Tribune Back to the future Plans in 1972 for a City Civic Center called Canal Square that was turned down.
Edtn3.jpg (15361 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Sight lines - Forster's emerging canal vision holds potential for change - Part Five in a Six Part Series Cindy Forster's plans for the future of Welland and canal lands.
Edtn39.jpg (18227 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Physical deficiencies must be taken care of first Interview with Vic Kerschl of the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation.  He discusses a number of issues that must addressed before any major development can take place.
Edtn40.jpg (23068 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Committee taking stock New committee looking at development costs of the canal lands as well as the aqueduct.
Edth37.jpg (18014 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Huge development potential needs careful decisions Wise decisions must be made before millions of dollars are spent.
Edtn36.jpg (21276 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune "Massive project" has more to it than people think Canal Lands development will take years and involve more than just parks and bike paths.
Edtn38.jpg (20311 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Sees need for 'balance' in development challenges Need to balance the needs of the whole community - not just people with speed- boats.
Edtn33.jpg (17134 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Believes sound concepts can lead to city's rejuvenation Possibilities of new Canal Lands development leading to a rejuvenation of the City of Welland.
Edtn34.jpg (18347 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Money is the big issue in what can, can't be done Discusses the amount of money that will be needed for the development of new projects along the old canal.
Edtn35.jpg (20461 bytes) 22/08/2001 Welland Tribune Time Merritt Island is 'polished up' Improvements that can be made to Merritt Island and how they could improve city and Canal Lands.
Edtn2.jpg (13726 bytes) 23/08/2001 Welland Tribune Local Voices - The way we were and can be - Part Six of a Six part Series A reflection on how Welland once was - a united community, and how the city can again achieve that goal.
Edtn25.jpg (21367 bytes) 23/08/2001 Welland Tribune 'Let's do something...' - Potential is great, opportunities numerous for use of old canal Residents speak out with their views of how the old canal can be used.
Edtn1.jpg (13103 bytes) 24/08/2001 Welland Tribune Let's bring the canal lands to life Editor's comments on support for new development of the canal lands.